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12/9/2018 6:01 PM

Mercedes 190 Cosworth 2.5 For Sale (1990)


Price: £10850


Year: 1990
Costing hundreds of million of pounds to develop the standard 190 saloons were good staid reliable cars but not really a drivers car by any stretch of the imagination even in 1982.

When I was selling new Bmws at this time it was fairly easy to impress a Mercedes owner or prospect with an exciting Three series model compared to the drivability of the 190.

However there was a great following for the small Merc and with its great build quality and image they sold really well in the Uk.

With BMWs great success in European Motorsport since the late sixties Mercedes decided it was time to create some competition for their arch rival in Munich.

So by 1984 they had enlisted Cosworth to develop their engine for racing and also offer a detuned version for the road.

What an amazing job they did!

Developing a 16 valve 2.3 version to begin with and then evolving to the 2.5 and 204bhp version in 1988.

Now there was real competition for BMW and the mighty venerable M3.

This example is a 1990 and finished in one of only four available colours Almandine red.

She has a great specification including full leather interior,air conditioning,sunroof and heated seats.

On the road she is still very impressive with the infamous Getrag dogleg gearbox and the high revving multivalve engine.

Great fun and with exceptional handling meaning that fast progress across country is easy and confidence inspiring.

This stunning example has enjoyed ongoing maintenance over the years and is in fabulous condition with recent work being top end engine rebuild and suspension replacement.

She has covered around 143000 miles and is still incredibly taut with a lovely history file.

Another iconic car tipped by the pundits to be one of the next classics to rise in value,this is definately one of the best available.


Land: United Kingdom

Contact phone:01296 770966

Item location

  • Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Route


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