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4/11/2015 11:35 PM

OPEL GT For Sale (1970)


Price: £5750


  • Car: Opel


Year: 1970
This 1970 Opel GT imported from California has a 99% rust free body, restoration had been started with body work mostly done and put into primer but deserves a fuller restoration to achieve it's true value as it's become a rare sought after German sports car this said it could still quite easily be used as is with a little tidying
The sills, floors, trunk floor, bulkhead, and panel work, are very good, the only rust is in the front under tray which is available as a aftermarket replacement $295 also the battery tray is rusted where a battery once leaked, again available as an aftermarket panel, the interior and wiring and brakes could use some help before use.
The engine is a 1900cc and is not running at present it's complete and looks like it will run OK. I will be working to start this and if all is good I will raise the reserve to reflect this, if not the at least you will know the condition
It's complete with all wheel trims and centres, front and rear bumpers, badges.
All the GT's were LHD as is this one, I have put plenty of pictures on the link below and if you have any questions or queries please contact be on 07800 982287 or by email
I have the Californian title and the customs NOVA paperwork so UK registration is straightforward after an MOT is acquired



Land: United Kingdom

Contact phone:447800982287

Item location

  • Tavistock, Devon, United Kingdom Route


OPEL GT For Sale (1970) OPEL GT For Sale (1970)