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11/24/2015 9:51 AM

Original VW Vento VR6 Cup Car For Sale (1993)


Price: £8950


  • Car: Volkswagen Vento


Year: 1993
Please find for sale our VW Vento VR6 Cup Car. This car is an original VW Cup Car and is marked as Barwell Motorsport chassis no. 3. As with all purpose built race cars it is of the highest standard with an exceptionally well designed safety devices weld in cage / safety cell.

We purchased the car at the end of 2013 and it undertook a full strip and rebuild which included full body sanding, repair and paint in White internally and externally. It has since been an ongoing project of improvements to get it to its current standing as class winner in the cscc modern classics and in the wet is capable of running at the very sharp end of the full grid due to its excellent handling characteristics.

Spec -

Engine and Gearbox - 2.8ltr VR6 (12v engine to keep in period regulations) newly built at the start of the 2015 season and giving 200bhp at the front wheels. The engine has performance cams, lightly worked head, uprated air intake, inlet manifold, exhaust manifold and fuelling system. It has an unlocked Emerald ECU meaning that any engine upgrades can be easily mapped. It has also been fitted with a large radiator to ensure it is more than capable of running on the hottest of days for 3 hour races. 5 Speed box with Quaife Diff and uprated drive shafts. The clutch assembly was new for its last race due to the gearbox being refreshed. 

Brakes - Newly fitted brake bias system, August, with new Porsche front calipers and discs also fitted in August. Selection of Ferodo and Carbon Lorraine pads, some new. VW Vento Cup rear discs, callipers and pads.

Suspension - H&R 3 way adjustable struts and springs all round, checked and serviced at the start of the 2015 season. Newly fitted h&R front and rear anti Roll Bars.

Safety - Plumbed in electronic fire extinguisher -service due June 2016, Indate seat on runners and 5 point harnesses.

The shell is in good condition and has been lightened in the doors, bonnett and boot. It also benefits from a heated front screen with the rest of the windows being acrylic. The rear window has 3 vents fittted and the rear quarters have them also. A GT style scoop has recently been fitted with aluminium ducting to the driver as additional comfort cooling. 

This car is on the button, well maintained and fantastic fun to race as well as being safe and easy to maintain. It is eligible for many championships, currently in the cscc Modern Classics, and could easily be given another 40 + bhp with a 24V cylinder head, and be ran in another championship, and with its superb handling could easily embarass much more expensive, powerful and modern exotica like it currently does in the wet. The car also comes complete with 10 x original speedline 16" rims, 6 with toyo 888's all nearly new and 4 x Uniroyal rainmaster 3 tyres, minimal use. 


Land: United Kingdom

Contact phone:07043 240045

Item location

  • Northamptonshire, United Kingdom Route


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