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6/18/2017 3:24 PM

Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI Tarmac Rally Car Project For Sale (1988)


Price: £5450


  • Car: Peugeot 205


Year: 1988
Here is my Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI Rally Project. I thought I’d see if there’s any interest in it before it’s storage for the winter. Currently in dry storage, but driven regularly on the road as a pleasure car.

The only reason I’m considering selling it is due to going abroad for a little while, and rather than it sitting in storage I’d rather someone was enjoying it and taking it rallying! Or track days, sprints, weekend drives etc. It would do all very well and with a broad smile on your face!

So about the car, I bought it as a well setup track car and have started converting it over the last 6 months into a tarmac rally car.

I’ve spent just over £3k on it so far upgrading with no expense spared on what I’ve bought, not to mention the countless hours. That excludes the cost of the car itself. A labour of love.

• 1988 1.9 GTI
• Original Non-Sunroof
• Only 68,000 genuine miles
• MOT till Jan 2015
• Well maintained and recent oil change
• Lots of old invoices and MOT’s/Tax discs
• Rolling road printout @ 116bhp.

Spec as below:
• Gti-6 front brake upgrade
• Rear 305 rear beam conversion for a wider track and disc brakes to the rear
• Front mounted oil cooler
• Superchiped
• Spax (I think) suspension, lowered around 25mm all round
• Baker bushes solid rear axle mounts
• Baker bushes front strut mounts
• Poly Pro front wishbone bushes (fitted Jan 2014)
• Full Magnex Stainless exhaust system
• EBD Green Stuff brake pads all round
• Braided brake lines
• TRS 6 point harnesses
• Cobra fixed seat mounts
• Safety Devices custom built full roll cage with additional X brace, harness bar and door bars. Powder coated white, all well within FIA regulations
• Recently reconditioned wheels

What I’ve done since I’ve bought it:
• 2 x Brand new Cobra bucket seats to new FIA regulations, valid till 2019
• FIA extinguisher kit
o 2.25 litre secured to transmission tunnel and plumbed to engine bay
o Pull cord for 2.25 litre in dash
o 1.75 litre hand held secured to floor for co-driver
• FIA electric cut off switch, properly wired to isolate ignition coil and fuel pump as well as main electric feed
• Professional welding done inside the engine bay/body/chassis to repair and strengthen which wasn’t cheap
• Sump and Fuel Guard professionally fitted by motorsport engineer, with invoice
• Polycarbonate window kit to FIA regulations – 4mm with grey tint. Sealed rather than riveted like most to give a more professional look and more secure.
o 2 x front windows with sliders
o 2 x rear quarters which I fitted onto the original opening brackets so that it’s still breathable, rather than just sealing them shut
o 1 x rear window which isn’t fitted, decided against it but comes with the car
• Full brand new set of Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R’s – 195/50R15 82V, professionally fitted and balanced
• Sparco 330mm Steering Wheel
• Momo Boss Kit for the Sparco Wheel
• FIA approved twin air horn
• Horn selector switch on dash, wired so that you can flick from road horn to rally air horn for both the driver horn switch and co-driver foot switch
• Co-Driver foot rest fitted with 2 waterproof switches wired for wiper wash wipe and selectable horn
• Mudflaps all round to FIA regulations for thickness and fitment
• Sunstrip to FIA regulations
• Switched auxiliary fan
• TRS interior door pulls
• New battery terminals
• Battery isolator switch on the battery terminal
• Relocated Hazard and Fog Light switch out of centre to right side of driver to tidy
• Bonnet pins
• New oil temperature and fuel gauge fitted
• McRae and Burns stickers on rear bumper to remember the British legends of the sport
• Most cables have been tidied with loom tape and secured with P clips
• Interior has been further stripped and lightened

Work done in the last few years before my ownership:
• Engine rebuild and clutch in 2007
• Gearbox seal
• Numerous services, oil, filters, spark plug, etc. The usual.
• Refurbished and powder coated wheels
• Driveshaft and seals
• Diff seals
• Manifold gaskets
• Door pins
• Anti-Roll Link Rods
• Lower torsion bar
• GrpN Engine Kit
• GrpA rear beam mount kit
• GrpN strut rubbers
• Front & Rear disks
• Slimline 11” Fan
• Hi-temp brake fluid

What’s left to do to get it an MSA logbook and an official rally car:
• Fit fire extinguisher nozzles in engine bay, brackets and nozzles provided
• Fit an oil catchment tank
• Re-wire horn selector switch, quick job.

That’s it! If it wasn’t for the fact I was going abroad I wouldn’t be selling and would enjoy the pleasure of getting the log book.

Also comes with these non-fitted bits (where applicable):
• The rear polycarbonate window if you wish to fit
• Haynes Manual
• White door stickers/vinyls for rally numbers to FIA regulations
• ‘Thanks for Marshalling’ sticker
• Rear n/s trim piece with red insert, a hard to find piece
• 2 x seat belt cutters as per new FIA regulations

Any questions please do ask, either email or give me a call. It’s based in Redhill area.

Just want it to go to a good home! If it doesn’t sell it’ll be stored up over winter and I’ll pick up where I left of whenever I get back.


Land: United Kingdom

Contact phone:07043 239877

Item location

  • Redhill, Surrey, United Kingdom Route


Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI Tarmac Rally Car Project For Sale (1988) Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI Tarmac Rally Car Project For Sale (1988) Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI Tarmac Rally Car Project For Sale (1988)