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2/17/2016 2:04 AM

Picchio SR2 For Sale (2001)


Price: £90000


Year: 2001
PICCHIO SR2 - 2001

Chassis n°LM2 - one of only 9 car produced. This car was developed in partnership with Giotto Bizzarrini. High collectible car.

Reinforced steel tube frame with aluminum panels, bodywork in fiberglass reinforced with kevlar and carbon fiber.
3,0 Alfa Romeo V6 - Ellegi Motori - 420 Hp without restrictor.
Hewland NMT gearbox, 6 speed secventional power shift.
Aerodynamic Crome Molybdenum steel brackets with front and rear Eibach pushrod suspension. AP Racing air cooled brakes. BBS Magnesium central lock wheels (3 spare set with tyres).

Accessories: Pneumatic Jacks, complete system of telemetry, carbon fiber front flaps and rear wing, carbon fiber mirrors, rain's light, OMP electrical extinguishing system.

Regular CSAI Passport - approval for North America Races.

More information: http://picchiosr2.weebly.com


Land: Italy

Contact phone:00393496405218

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Picchio SR2 For Sale (2001) Picchio SR2 For Sale (2001) Picchio SR2 For Sale (2001) Picchio SR2 For Sale (2001) Picchio SR2 For Sale (2001)